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So, you decide to buy from a breeder Corell. Perfect solution!
Whom do you choose: an adult male or female cockatiel cockatiels? Or buy a cockatiel chicks? What is a hand-chick chick cockatiel and fosterling cockatiels and how they differ, and differ in whether. Or maybe you want to buy a certain color lutino Corell?

Why different prices for parrots?
There are many questions. Let us try to clarify.

First of all, it is best to buy chicks, because that chick cockatiels - a gentle, trusting creature who will trust you, love and may even be a manual. Adult parrot should start only if you need a bird in a pair to the existing adult Popik.

So, you have decided to buy a cockatiel chicks.
Now you have to decide - who do you need? Hand chick? Fosterling? Or completely independent nepriruchёnnaya bird?
Hand chick cockatiel parrot. He will come to you in your hands, will take the delicacy of the hands. Hand parrot cockatiel becomes your companion. Minuses? Perhaps the only one: handmade bird would miss if you stop to give her his attention. The psyche of the parrots is very fine - from lack of attention handmade bird can get sick.
Fosterling cockatiels. Ohhh, it's a poem. Fosterling cockatiels - this affectionate kittens. Chick-fosterling cockatiels are always with you. You are viewing - it reads. You are watching TV - he was right there parrot toy store. You are not doing anything? So it is necessary urgently to caress the parrot! You make? it does not matter - you still need to caress the parrot! Fosterling - a fastener, which will be next to you forever. Minuses? Perhaps there are a couple: a bird-fosterling is sooo bored when you are not around for very long. With fosterling have to spend a lot of time. But it's cool, so that the "minus - is a plus" (c). Another minus - it fosterling sometimes do not want to create a couple with their own kind. Not necessarily so it happens, but it is possible.

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